Motorcycle Adventure & Himalaya ride

Himalaya Ride

If you are planning for adventure on motorbike & you are thinking about Himalaya as a motorcycle tour destination then there are some points of consideration before going on Himalaya ride. First think you must consider as an experienced & legal motorcycle tour company & check their services from previous riders as only riders can tell you that your money or deposit is safe & you are making right choice for memorable motorbike adventure in Himalayas. Most of the companies have good website & it is difficult to make right choice on behalf of website & their social web pages so best thing is to talk to the previous rider ask about their experience with the company & how is things gone on the tour. If you have experienced company for your motorcycle adventure then they can guide you in a better way so that we enjoy your Himalaya ride. Lot of rider worried about altitude sickness & they decide not to go in Himalaya for motorcycle tour & cancel their trip only because of misconception of altitude sickness. Of course there is problem with high altitude but not for everyone only few riders get affected by high altitudes on Himalaya tour & most of rider get acclimatize slowly on motorbike & they ride very well even better & do successful riding in Himalayas. So please don’t cancel your motorcycle trip to Himalaya just because of high altitude. It is good fun of staying high & riding high in Himalaya & crew members give very good support & good counseling as well when you get sick in Himalaya. Generally we come to lower altitude after riding high altitude & you feel better & again ready to hit the road in the Himalayas.

Share you motorcycle experience- When you join a fixed departure then you have opportunity to share your motorbike tour story with other riders from different countries & you have unbelievable experiences of joining a fixed departure for Himalaya ride with us. Everyday feels as new day for every rider as riders make feel comfortable to everyone on the group even crew members & we always have fun time with lifetime adventure. We visit incredible places in Ladakh region of India where you cross highest motorable road & ride over some og the highest passes. It is incredible experience of staying on high altitude soda lakes of Pangong & Tso Morir Lakes you feel lost in the Himalaya. We also visit best located monasteries on the tour so that we can combine adventure with culture as well & you get change to chat with little monks in the monasteries where they practice of Buddhist religion & get ready to serve the society. Our Legendary Royal Enfield takes you where you want to go doesn’t matter highest road or high altitude but Royal Enfield surprise you every time as works very well on high altitude conditions & our mechanic always ready to maintain motorbike in best condition for you. We strongly recommend taking motorcycle adventure in Indian Himalaya & we promise you will fall in love with India & motorbike adventure forever.

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Make your Vacation Adventurous

Want to overcome from your inner fear? If yes, then go for an adventurous vacation. And believe that when you will do any adventurous activity, you get overcome from all your fears. The experience is a bit thrilling, but after that you will take the breath of satisfaction. You can do so many activities. You can say that India is the only place where you can find a lot of adventure sports. Some of the places like Rishikesh, Himachal Pradesh are famous in the world for such types of sports. The activities that you can choose to do are –

Jeep Safaris Across the Great Himalayas – Open Jeep safari is itself a great experience and imagine how exciting it will be if you are doing jeep safaris across the beautiful valleys of the Himalayas. When you drive, you feel that you are riding on the highest roads of the world. The drivers who are expert and well known rally drivers love to drive on such type of roads.

Cycling – Cycling is also a great activity that you can do. It also gives message to other people to save fuel as well as to save the environment from the pollution. The professionals in this field take part in different racing competitions of cycle and enjoy it.

Elephant Safaris – If you are a wildlife lover, must visit the places like Jim Corbett Park and Ranthambore National Park. You will definitely enjoy the life of these places. You find peace and comfort and get a chance to see the wild animals like tiger, leopard and jackal.  You can do elephant safari there.

Motorbike Tour- One of the most famous activities that people love to do. Every year, thousands of people go for a long motorbike tour and enjoy a lot. To ride on different types of road in different situations is very interesting. There is the possibility that you will face some problems in your journey, but you find that problem too small as long ride on a motorbike is a great experience. So go for a long motorbike tour in India and enjoy it.

There are so many other adventure sports in India that you can enjoy like white water rafting, trekking, skiing, mountain climbing, Paragliding, So find the most suitable activity for you and the best place for the activity that you have selected. Plan your trip perfectly and enjoy it fully.

Himalaya motorcycle tour, motorcycle tour to Himalaya

Himalaya motorcycle tour

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Himalayas…. Actually, having the precious mountain range  and a beautiful place that promises you of a unique motorcycle trip. The bike rider who loves to go to such places on the motorcycle must find the highest roads of the world here. Himalaya covers eight states of India and beautify these states with its own beauty. These states are famous in the world because of the scenic beauty of the Himalayas and thousands of tourists love to visit these places. From the very beautiful place Ladakh to holy place Uttarakhand, Himalaya is continuously giving incredible contribution in the development of these states. These places are well known for the adventurous activities and thus the major attraction of the tourists.

If you are ready to go to Himalaya Motorcycle tours, choose the season of summer. As in winter the hills are totally covered with snow so it is better for you to ride on the foothills at that time. If you want to fully explore the beautiful Himalayas, go there in the summer. You can see lush green valleys, rocky roads and so many other things when you ride on your motorcycle. You will definitely get amazed to see the beauty because it is beyond your expectation. You also enjoy the culture of that place.

Before starting your journey on a motorcycle, you must select a heavy duty bike, that can easily run on the rocky roads. Never select the bike that is very unique. Select one to which the mechanics are very familiar. It is not necessary that you will get the service center of that bike everywhere there. So choose that is best in performance and well known for the mechanics. Also keep the repair kit with you and if possible, know about the basic problems of the bike. Like how to change the wheel if your bike is punctured.

Get a great taste of adventure in the lap of Himalayas on your motorbike and make your trip memorable with the proper planning. You can enjoy your Himalaya motorcycle tour by hiring an organizer for your trip. They are expert in managing such type of tours and if you are going to such a beautiful place, you have the right to see all the beautiful places of that place. The motorbike guided tour is beneficial as they know all about the roads, beautiful places and the risky places of that place too. Take right decisions, hire an organizer and enjoy your tour.

Guided Motorcycle tour in Himalaya-Ladakh Motorcycle Tour

Himalaya motorcycle tour India

Himalaya motorcycle tour India

Why Guided Motorcycle Tours?

Are you ready to explore the globe on your motorcycle? Such types of trips are now very popular across the world and it really gives the opportunity to a person to discover the new world on the motorcycle. On it, you can see the open roads, ups and downs of the roads and actually enjoy a lot on the road. If you are going on a long distance, you must contact the tour guide who organizes such types of trips.

You can find so many travel companies who are offering the best services to the clients and take care of them properly. Such types of trips are known as guided motorcycle tours in which a guide is always there for you and tell you what to do and what not to do. If you are going to the place where the roads are not very smooth and adventurous too, you must contact a guide for your journey. The guide leads the group of the bikers, directs you about the route and a van or other vehicle follow the group and try to make your journey successful. Your guide and the vehicle driver always communicate with each other to keep you safe and secure. They have the responsibilities of the group and they check it time by time and assure that all the members are safe.

They also have mechanic with them who checks your bike time by time and ensure that all the parts are in the right condition. Some of the agencies check the route in advance means before starting the journey so that you can enjoy riding without any hassle.  They also have the list of petrol pumps that will come in your way so that your motorcycle get fuel on time.

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If you are going on a long motorcycle trip, you understand the need of the guide after starting your journey. Especially if you don’t have any prior experience on such type of long motorcycle trip. In India, you can hire Royal Bike Riders, who is arranging such types of long guided motorcycle tours India for a long time and is famous for their perfect arrangements. They have experts who are there only for you. If you want to go on your trip alone, they will also make arrangements for this and give you advice. By following their advice, you will definitely make your trip successful and enjoy it fully. Adventure tour on a motorcycle is waiting for you.

So hurry up! Enjoy it…..

Take Breathe of Freedom Ride – Motorcycle Tour India

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World’s Highest Ride in Himalayas

If you want to meet with your soul, just plan a trip in which you can go closer to the nature. Motorcycle trip is the perfect option for this. Such types of journey are not only peaceful, adventurous too. Motorcycle tour is really an awesome experience and also a great achievement of your life. This is the tour in which you are the eye witness of the scenic beauty, natural things and panoramic views. You felt freedom and so enjoy every moment at that time. You will see a new world wherever you go. You know how different the world is.

It is necessary for every person to spend some time in such type of activities to get rid of the bored routine. Some people love to visit the places in a group, whereas some wants to enjoy it alone. If you are planning for such type of motorcycle tour in India, know what you want. How you enjoy your trip more – alone or in a group.

Before embark on your motorcycle tour, you should take care of a few things, so that you can fully enjoy your journey. Go through the mechanical working order of your motorcycle and properly check all the parts of it. To make it perfect, take it for servicing and ask the mechanic to check all the parts perfectly. Don’t be over confident that you have a lot of experience in bike riding and you are using your motorbike daily. Motorbike trips across the country is very much different from your town riding. Check the performance of your engine and other parts and if you find any fault in it, replace that part without any hesitation.

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Also plan that how many miles you travel on your motorbike everyday and when you will reach to your destination. Know about the places that comes in between of your trip. Do proper arrangement of accommodation so that you feel fresh every morning and start your journey with fresh mood.

If you are going for motorcycle tour in India, you can also go to an organizer. They help you a lot in making your trip successful. They tell you the pros and cons of your journey and prepare you mentally for your trip. Motorcycle trip is not that much easy, how much you feel if you are going to some adventurous place. So get ready to amaze yourself on the open roads but always remember – Ride safe.


Explore the Spirituality on Ladakh Motorcycle Tour

Do you feel annoyed with your hectic lifestyle and the same old routine? If yes, then you can take a break and head out for a motorbike journey to Leh Ladakh where you can re-energize your body and mind. With ultimate serenity and low temperature, Ladakh is the perfect place to get rid of scorching summers.

In addition to this, there is lot more that can be discovered during a fun-packed trip to Leh Ladakh. You can commence your expedition with a visit to Leh Palace. It is a nine-storeys palace and was built in 16th century by King Singe Namgyal. While riding across the Leh Manali road, you can also visit Shey Palace.

Apart from this, you can also enjoy a ride through the Khardung La Pass on your Ladakh trip. This pass is situated at 5,602 m elevation and therefore it is known to be one of the world’s highest motorable mountain passes. This pass is known to be among those popular mountain passes where riders can experience world’s highest ride.

Besides famous Indian mountain passes, Leh Ladakh is popular for Buddhist monstrosities like Thikse and Hemis monasteries. Built in 14th century, Thikse Monastery is known for its captivating architecture and marvelous statue of Buddha which is placed in the prayer hall of the monastery. On the other hand, Hemis Monastery is considered to be the most beautiful monastery of Ladakh.

These monasteries are the most suitable place for those who want to get indulged in spirituality. If you have lost your energy due to excess work-load and mental strain, then you should definitely give yourself a chance to rejuvenate your soul and retain the lost energy with spiritual ambiance of these divine monasteries.

 Royal Bikeriders offers you with an opportunity to discover the spirituality with cost-effective packages for Ladakh Motorcycle Tour. In this package, you will get to ride across some of the most exciting attractions of this tranquil cold desert and visit famous monasteries. All you have to do is to select a preferred package and the rest will be organized by our travel experts.

How to Choose Suitable Itinerary for Motorcycle Tour in India

Indian motorcycle journeys can become a great way to explore the diversity in lifestyle and traditions. Moreover, these trips give riders a chance to come across some of the most scenic locations of the country. Valleys in Ladakh, snow-capped mountains in the Himalayas and beaches in Tamil Nadu are some of the specialties that riders love to discover while traveling to major Indian places.

India is a diverse country where different states differ from each other in terms of living, traditions and geographical conditions. In short, there are various places in India where you can head out for your trip. But, how will you choose a suitable itinerary for your motorcycle holidays in India? This question can put you in a dilemma because some riders find it difficult to select an itinerary for the tour.

But, choosing a suitable itinerary for Indian motorcycle tour can become easier if you set your priorities for the location. For example, if you are an adventure fanatic, then you must consider north Indian destinations like Leh Ladakh and the Himalayas. These are the locations where you get a chance to ride through steep and narrow mountain passes.

On the contrary, if you are a nature lover and like to discover the amazing facets of nature, then you must head out for a journey to South India. Here, you will get to ride through Kerala which is popular for its serene backwaters. You can also ride across Tamil Nadu and visit its golden beaches. Besides this, you can plan a trip to Rajasthan if you like to explore interesting facts about different places.

Royal Bikeriders offers you with budget-friendly packages for Motorcycle Tour in India and also provide Royal Enfield for these motorbike trips. With our customized travel packages, we make sure that you don’t confront any inconvenience throughout the tour. The Himalayan Mountain Range, Leh Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan are some places that are covered in our packages.

Discover the Cultural Diversity during Motorbike Holidays in India

If you are a travel lover and you like to explore the lifestyle and tradition of different destinations, then Indian motorbike holidays can become a great opportunity for you to come across this diversity.

Riders can get the opportunity to cover destinations like the Himalayas, Ladakh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Kerala during Indian motorcycle tours. All these locations are different in terms of living, traditions and geographical conditions. Therefore, choosing any destination can help riders gain a memorable experience for a lifetime!

In case, riders choose an itinerary motorcycle travel in India that heads north, then they will get to ride across the serene Himalayas and Leh Ladakh. The Himalayan Range is a home to high-peak Mountains and foundation of famous rivers. In fact, during Himalayan motorcycle tours, riders will also receive an opportunity to visit the local villages located in scenic regions of the Himalayas.

Whereas, Ladakh can turn out to be a challenge for riders as it is situated higher on the Himalayas and is known to be a cold desert. The culture of this tranquil destination is highly influenced from Tibet. So, riders are likely to come across some delightful Tibetan dishes. They can also receive an opportunity to visit century-old monasteries during their Ladakh tour.

But in case, the riders are planning to head towards the western region of India then they are likely to come across the never-ending desserts of Rajasthan. Exploring its cultural heritage and visiting the Aravali Hills and Thar Desert is delight for riders during the tour.

Royal Bike Riders will also help bikers explore the breezy beaches and backwaters of Kerala during a South India motorcycle tour too. Those who think that Tamil Nadu needs to be visited separately should stop and see our complete package on our website. We can help you explore this heaven on earth hassle-free and at cost-effective rates.

So, browse through our website for exciting packages for Motorbike Holidays in India and begin your preparations to pack for this year’s vacation season immediately!

Explore Famous Destinations with Moto Adventure in India

Adventure motorcycle rides are considered to be the perfect activity for those who live their life on edge. An enthralling trip to exciting destinations of India is the perfect option for those who like to confront challenges and handle them with ease. If you’re one of them, then you should join such adventure rides to explore famous destinations.

When it comes to adventure motorcycle trips, Ladakh and Himalaya are the first preferred names that tend to strike the minds of experienced bikers. They are the most suitable places to conduct motorcycle adventure tours in India.

This is mainly because of the routes and the common passes that people get to cover in such mountainous regions. Some of these passes include the famous Nathu La, Khardung La, Rohtang and Bara-Lacha that are covered in Moto Adventure in India. These famous passes are situated at high altitudes near or at the Himalayan range and are used by riders during adventure motorcycle vacations.

Apart from scary passes, they are also known for rugged and steep roads where riding becomes more of a dare for riders. Besides, the unpredictable weather conditions and heavy snow fall are enough to create an exciting adventure for riders during their trip. This is also one of the reasons why some mountain routes are accessible only for 4 to 6 months throughout a year.

With Royal Bike Riders, it will be easier for you to embark upon a thrilling journey to these locations without confronting any inconvenience. Being an experienced motorcycle tour operating company, we have managed to help even beginners to go ahead and create a lifetime experience by offering our adventure tours at competitive pricing.

We also help our bikers to customize our services according to their likes and needs. They can also convert our packages in to personal tour where they get to be with their friends or office colleagues during the entire trip. So, try to put an end to your wait and hire us as your motorcycle tour operating company to go on memorable motorcycle adventure tours this summer.

Learn Useful Information on Ladakh to Make Motorcycle Tours Simpler

Popularly known as “the Broken Moon”, Ladakh is a famous tourist spot and with time it is considered to be one of the most favorable spots for motorcycle tours in India. Ladakh is located nearby the world’s mightiest mountain ranges like the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram. Plus, it is also famous for its largest town Leh that attracts many tourists each year.

Planning a Ladakh motorcycle tour is a thrill for people. And, going on one can turn out to be one of the best experiences for bikers. This is one of the reasons why our tour operating company works so hard to design motorcycle trips for our bikers. We endeavor to enhance their biking experience through our packages.

With this aim in mind, we are offering useful information to our bikers on Ladakh that can help them prepare well for the trip.

Accustom Yourself

Ladakh, situated on high altitudes, is not any easy location for bikers to visit. It is necessary that they accustom themselves to its environment and altitude. In fact, we always recommend our bikers to choose this location if they do not have altitude sickness and are strong enough to ride through its steep and narrow passes.

Inner Line Permit

Being a frontier area, Ladakh has some locations that are not meant for tourist visits. But these restricted areas or so to say the new areas were open to the tourists with an inner line permit condition in 1994. For these areas, you will need identity card and passport as identity proof.

Climatic Conditions

Since, Ladakh is located at high altitudes bikers are bound to face climatic variations. But riders need to know before going for a Motorcycle Trip To Ladakh that summer season is short and last from June to August. It will be easier for people to travel to Ladakh at this time only as the temperature varies from 30 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius.

What to Pack?

There are chances for bikers to face chilly winds on scorching sunny days. This can confuse the bikers on what to pack for their biking trip to Ladakh. Woolens should be the priority of the bikers to pack. Plus, they should spare some space in the bag for snacks on the road and water bottles. To pack a pair of sunglasses and sun cream is mandatory too.

With this useful information, it will be easier for riders to prepare for their motorcycle tour to Ladakh easily. In fact, packing won’t seem a trouble for them. So, all you have to do is purchase a trip package from our tour operating company and the rest will be looked after by us.