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Make your Vacation Adventurous

Want to overcome from your inner fear? If yes, then go for an adventurous vacation. And believe that when you will do any adventurous activity, you get overcome from all your fears. The experience is a bit thrilling, but after that you will take the breath of satisfaction. You can do so many activities. You can say that India is the only place where you can find a lot of adventure sports. Some of the places like Rishikesh, Himachal Pradesh are famous in the world for such types of sports. The activities that you can choose to do are –

Jeep Safaris Across the Great Himalayas – Open Jeep safari is itself a great experience and imagine how exciting it will be if you are doing jeep safaris across the beautiful valleys of the Himalayas. When you drive, you feel that you are riding on the highest roads of the world. The drivers who are expert and well known rally drivers love to drive on such type of roads.

Cycling – Cycling is also a great activity that you can do. It also gives message to other people to save fuel as well as to save the environment from the pollution. The professionals in this field take part in different racing competitions of cycle and enjoy it.

Elephant Safaris – If you are a wildlife lover, must visit the places like Jim Corbett Park and Ranthambore National Park. You will definitely enjoy the life of these places. You find peace and comfort and get a chance to see the wild animals like tiger, leopard and jackal.  You can do elephant safari there.

Motorbike Tour- One of the most famous activities that people love to do. Every year, thousands of people go for a long motorbike tour and enjoy a lot. To ride on different types of road in different situations is very interesting. There is the possibility that you will face some problems in your journey, but you find that problem too small as long ride on a motorbike is a great experience. So go for a long motorbike tour in India and enjoy it.

There are so many other adventure sports in India that you can enjoy like white water rafting, trekking, skiing, mountain climbing, Paragliding, So find the most suitable activity for you and the best place for the activity that you have selected. Plan your trip perfectly and enjoy it fully.

Himalaya motorcycle tour, motorcycle tour to Himalaya

Himalaya motorcycle tour

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Himalayas…. Actually, having the precious mountain range  and a beautiful place that promises you of a unique motorcycle trip. The bike rider who loves to go to such places on the motorcycle must find the highest roads of the world here. Himalaya covers eight states of India and beautify these states with its own beauty. These states are famous in the world because of the scenic beauty of the Himalayas and thousands of tourists love to visit these places. From the very beautiful place Ladakh to holy place Uttarakhand, Himalaya is continuously giving incredible contribution in the development of these states. These places are well known for the adventurous activities and thus the major attraction of the tourists.

If you are ready to go to Himalaya Motorcycle tours, choose the season of summer. As in winter the hills are totally covered with snow so it is better for you to ride on the foothills at that time. If you want to fully explore the beautiful Himalayas, go there in the summer. You can see lush green valleys, rocky roads and so many other things when you ride on your motorcycle. You will definitely get amazed to see the beauty because it is beyond your expectation. You also enjoy the culture of that place.

Before starting your journey on a motorcycle, you must select a heavy duty bike, that can easily run on the rocky roads. Never select the bike that is very unique. Select one to which the mechanics are very familiar. It is not necessary that you will get the service center of that bike everywhere there. So choose that is best in performance and well known for the mechanics. Also keep the repair kit with you and if possible, know about the basic problems of the bike. Like how to change the wheel if your bike is punctured.

Get a great taste of adventure in the lap of Himalayas on your motorbike and make your trip memorable with the proper planning. You can enjoy your Himalaya motorcycle tour by hiring an organizer for your trip. They are expert in managing such type of tours and if you are going to such a beautiful place, you have the right to see all the beautiful places of that place. The motorbike guided tour is beneficial as they know all about the roads, beautiful places and the risky places of that place too. Take right decisions, hire an organizer and enjoy your tour.

Guided Motorcycle tour in Himalaya-Ladakh Motorcycle Tour

Himalaya motorcycle tour India

Himalaya motorcycle tour India

Why Guided Motorcycle Tours?

Are you ready to explore the globe on your motorcycle? Such types of trips are now very popular across the world and it really gives the opportunity to a person to discover the new world on the motorcycle. On it, you can see the open roads, ups and downs of the roads and actually enjoy a lot on the road. If you are going on a long distance, you must contact the tour guide who organizes such types of trips.

You can find so many travel companies who are offering the best services to the clients and take care of them properly. Such types of trips are known as guided motorcycle tours in which a guide is always there for you and tell you what to do and what not to do. If you are going to the place where the roads are not very smooth and adventurous too, you must contact a guide for your journey. The guide leads the group of the bikers, directs you about the route and a van or other vehicle follow the group and try to make your journey successful. Your guide and the vehicle driver always communicate with each other to keep you safe and secure. They have the responsibilities of the group and they check it time by time and assure that all the members are safe.

They also have mechanic with them who checks your bike time by time and ensure that all the parts are in the right condition. Some of the agencies check the route in advance means before starting the journey so that you can enjoy riding without any hassle.  They also have the list of petrol pumps that will come in your way so that your motorcycle get fuel on time.

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If you are going on a long motorcycle trip, you understand the need of the guide after starting your journey. Especially if you don’t have any prior experience on such type of long motorcycle trip. In India, you can hire Royal Bike Riders, who is arranging such types of long guided motorcycle tours India for a long time and is famous for their perfect arrangements. They have experts who are there only for you. If you want to go on your trip alone, they will also make arrangements for this and give you advice. By following their advice, you will definitely make your trip successful and enjoy it fully. Adventure tour on a motorcycle is waiting for you.

So hurry up! Enjoy it…..

Things to Carry on Himalaya Motorcycle Tours

Just setting a date for motorcycle tour in India isn’t enough for adventurers. They need to be all packed and ready to go when the time arrives. Therefore, a lot of thought and attention should be paid to things that need to be added during packing your bags for an adventure trip.

Throwing in clothes and gear accessories isn’t enough. There are many things that still need to be packed in your luggage that you fail to consider necessary. Below are certain important things to carry list that can help you survive on Himalaya Motorcycle Tours.


You should never forget to carry your spare set of tools. These can help you in times of emergency. Carry an adjustable wrench, a screw driver, air pump, and other small yet easy to carry tools that can come in handy in times of emergency.


Never ever forget to pack your toiletries, especially if your tour package also includes camping under the stars for a night or so. You can’t go asking around your group members to offer you their toiletries every time either. But deodorant, comb, lotion for dry skin, and lip balm for dry lips are some things that no man would like to share.


You should know that carrying medications for different reasons can come in handy in times of dire need. Your fellow biker can need bandage or a pain relief tablet during the ride itself. Therefore, being equipped with meds is necessary.

Extra Bags

No matter what, always leave some space for Ziploc bags, or plastic shopping bags that can help you organize things, in case it’s a rainy day. They also help you separate your medications from other important things like shaving cream, tooth brush and paste, and others.

Rain Suit

Keep a rain suit in your bag in case it rains during your trip.

Besides, suggesting important things to be carried for the trip, our tour operating company also ensures that bikers receive adequate information on various other aspects of Himalaya and Ladakh motorcycle tour. Both the trips are adventure rides and require riders to be prepared both mentally and physically to ride on long journeys.

Experience Thrill during Adventure Motorbike Tours on Hilly Terrains of India


There are many bike riders who love to be on road for endless journeys to experience thrill and excitement. Some set on a course that helps them to seek true beauty of nature, while some like to embark on an expedition that helps them travel through roads that are known for their steep and narrow turns. But no matter what an adventure lover will never back out from such an opportunity that assists them to stay close to their passion.

Being a motorbike tour operator company, we normally suggest adventure seekers to opt for packages that offer them a chance to travel through some of the deadliest roads of India and that of world. These packages are mostly customized according to the needs of our bikers. Our packages are inclusive of places like Leh & Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and more.

We make sure that all adventure motorbike tours last for more than 10 days for all our bikers to explore their favorite destination without a hitch. During the tour, all bikers get to visit the main tourist attractions on their motorcycle. While the motorcycle tour is in full swing, we make sure that our travel guides travel with our bikers as well. This will help all our bikers to stay on route with ease.

In addition to this, we also make sure that only small groups get travel during our adventure tours in India. Not only does the strategy of taking up people in small groups assists our team members to offer their services with ease like mechanical or first aid facilities but also helps us to ensure that all of them are receiving our equal attention as well. This has helped us to maintain the quality standard amongst our bikers with ease.

Therefore, if you wish to go for an adventurous tour with your friends, then we will highly recommend you to opt for our tour operator company as your preferred option. We will make sure that not only is your safety taken into account by our professionals but so is your wish to be on the most memorable adventure tour of your life.


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We have great ride in High Himalayas. We were total 6 riders including Team Leader Yogesh Kumar. We enjoyed our Motorcycle trip to Leh & Ladakh region of North India. We got very good condition Royal Enfield 500 cc that’s also called bullet in India as traditional trade mark of Royal Enfield. We are writing a brief story about our memorable motorcycle tour to Himalayas with Royal Bike Riders as day wise with some nice photos.DSC02701

Day 1:  We took our flight from Australia to India that was long but finally we made to Delhi airport where we all received by Royal Bike Riders representative personally he welcomed us by garland & 1 bottle of mineral water that was great in the month of August, summer time in India. Later he took us to the hotel, Jaypee Vasant Continental, a 5* hotel near to airport. We enjoyed beers & introduced each other & RBR crew members in the hotel. After having good shower, we all have gone to Delhi sightseeing & saw great monuments of Delhi like Jama Masjid, Red Fort, President House, Qutab Minar etc. For Dinner we have gone to Delhi restaurant near India Gate. Great day

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