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World’s Highest Ride in Himalayas

If you want to meet with your soul, just plan a trip in which you can go closer to the nature. Motorcycle trip is the perfect option for this. Such types of journey are not only peaceful, adventurous too. Motorcycle tour is really an awesome experience and also a great achievement of your life. This is the tour in which you are the eye witness of the scenic beauty, natural things and panoramic views. You felt freedom and so enjoy every moment at that time. You will see a new world wherever you go. You know how different the world is.

It is necessary for every person to spend some time in such type of activities to get rid of the bored routine. Some people love to visit the places in a group, whereas some wants to enjoy it alone. If you are planning for such type of motorcycle tour in India, know what you want. How you enjoy your trip more – alone or in a group.

Before embark on your motorcycle tour, you should take care of a few things, so that you can fully enjoy your journey. Go through the mechanical working order of your motorcycle and properly check all the parts of it. To make it perfect, take it for servicing and ask the mechanic to check all the parts perfectly. Don’t be over confident that you have a lot of experience in bike riding and you are using your motorbike daily. Motorbike trips across the country is very much different from your town riding. Check the performance of your engine and other parts and if you find any fault in it, replace that part without any hesitation.

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Also plan that how many miles you travel on your motorbike everyday and when you will reach to your destination. Know about the places that comes in between of your trip. Do proper arrangement of accommodation so that you feel fresh every morning and start your journey with fresh mood.

If you are going for motorcycle tour in India, you can also go to an organizer. They help you a lot in making your trip successful. They tell you the pros and cons of your journey and prepare you mentally for your trip. Motorcycle trip is not that much easy, how much you feel if you are going to some adventurous place. So get ready to amaze yourself on the open roads but always remember – Ride safe.


How to Choose Suitable Itinerary for Motorcycle Tour in India

Indian motorcycle journeys can become a great way to explore the diversity in lifestyle and traditions. Moreover, these trips give riders a chance to come across some of the most scenic locations of the country. Valleys in Ladakh, snow-capped mountains in the Himalayas and beaches in Tamil Nadu are some of the specialties that riders love to discover while traveling to major Indian places.

India is a diverse country where different states differ from each other in terms of living, traditions and geographical conditions. In short, there are various places in India where you can head out for your trip. But, how will you choose a suitable itinerary for your motorcycle holidays in India? This question can put you in a dilemma because some riders find it difficult to select an itinerary for the tour.

But, choosing a suitable itinerary for Indian motorcycle tour can become easier if you set your priorities for the location. For example, if you are an adventure fanatic, then you must consider north Indian destinations like Leh Ladakh and the Himalayas. These are the locations where you get a chance to ride through steep and narrow mountain passes.

On the contrary, if you are a nature lover and like to discover the amazing facets of nature, then you must head out for a journey to South India. Here, you will get to ride through Kerala which is popular for its serene backwaters. You can also ride across Tamil Nadu and visit its golden beaches. Besides this, you can plan a trip to Rajasthan if you like to explore interesting facts about different places.

Royal Bikeriders offers you with budget-friendly packages for Motorcycle Tour in India and also provide Royal Enfield for these motorbike trips. With our customized travel packages, we make sure that you don’t confront any inconvenience throughout the tour. The Himalayan Mountain Range, Leh Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan are some places that are covered in our packages.

Discover the Cultural Diversity during Motorbike Holidays in India

If you are a travel lover and you like to explore the lifestyle and tradition of different destinations, then Indian motorbike holidays can become a great opportunity for you to come across this diversity.

Riders can get the opportunity to cover destinations like the Himalayas, Ladakh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Kerala during Indian motorcycle tours. All these locations are different in terms of living, traditions and geographical conditions. Therefore, choosing any destination can help riders gain a memorable experience for a lifetime!

In case, riders choose an itinerary motorcycle travel in India that heads north, then they will get to ride across the serene Himalayas and Leh Ladakh. The Himalayan Range is a home to high-peak Mountains and foundation of famous rivers. In fact, during Himalayan motorcycle tours, riders will also receive an opportunity to visit the local villages located in scenic regions of the Himalayas.

Whereas, Ladakh can turn out to be a challenge for riders as it is situated higher on the Himalayas and is known to be a cold desert. The culture of this tranquil destination is highly influenced from Tibet. So, riders are likely to come across some delightful Tibetan dishes. They can also receive an opportunity to visit century-old monasteries during their Ladakh tour.

But in case, the riders are planning to head towards the western region of India then they are likely to come across the never-ending desserts of Rajasthan. Exploring its cultural heritage and visiting the Aravali Hills and Thar Desert is delight for riders during the tour.

Royal Bike Riders will also help bikers explore the breezy beaches and backwaters of Kerala during a South India motorcycle tour too. Those who think that Tamil Nadu needs to be visited separately should stop and see our complete package on our website. We can help you explore this heaven on earth hassle-free and at cost-effective rates.

So, browse through our website for exciting packages for Motorbike Holidays in India and begin your preparations to pack for this year’s vacation season immediately!

Explore Famous Destinations with Moto Adventure in India

Adventure motorcycle rides are considered to be the perfect activity for those who live their life on edge. An enthralling trip to exciting destinations of India is the perfect option for those who like to confront challenges and handle them with ease. If you’re one of them, then you should join such adventure rides to explore famous destinations.

When it comes to adventure motorcycle trips, Ladakh and Himalaya are the first preferred names that tend to strike the minds of experienced bikers. They are the most suitable places to conduct motorcycle adventure tours in India.

This is mainly because of the routes and the common passes that people get to cover in such mountainous regions. Some of these passes include the famous Nathu La, Khardung La, Rohtang and Bara-Lacha that are covered in Moto Adventure in India. These famous passes are situated at high altitudes near or at the Himalayan range and are used by riders during adventure motorcycle vacations.

Apart from scary passes, they are also known for rugged and steep roads where riding becomes more of a dare for riders. Besides, the unpredictable weather conditions and heavy snow fall are enough to create an exciting adventure for riders during their trip. This is also one of the reasons why some mountain routes are accessible only for 4 to 6 months throughout a year.

With Royal Bike Riders, it will be easier for you to embark upon a thrilling journey to these locations without confronting any inconvenience. Being an experienced motorcycle tour operating company, we have managed to help even beginners to go ahead and create a lifetime experience by offering our adventure tours at competitive pricing.

We also help our bikers to customize our services according to their likes and needs. They can also convert our packages in to personal tour where they get to be with their friends or office colleagues during the entire trip. So, try to put an end to your wait and hire us as your motorcycle tour operating company to go on memorable motorcycle adventure tours this summer.

How to Build Comfort Level on Motorbike Holidays in India?

Winters are almost over, and spring season has just kicked in. It is that time of the year where people finally put their planning abilities to good use and think of a location that they would likely visit during their summer vacations. If you’re one of them, then we highly recommend you to plan your motorbike trips in India with our tour operating company.

Not only do we help our riders plan their trips to various yet serene locations in India, but also assist them to learn ways in which their ride can become more comfortable. No matter what, the comfort level of our bikers will always come first. Keeping their comfort level in mind, below are some tips that we never fail to mention our bikers when they book a package with us.

Carry Your Medications

In case, you are allergic to some things or consume vitamin supplements on daily basis, then we highly recommend our bikers to carry them. They can be useful during the entire trip.


You can store both hot and cold liquid in a thermos easily. Therefore, if you plan to go on locations like the Himalayas, Ladakh, Spiti Valley or Manali for a motorbike trip, then it will be easy for bikers to carry warm liquids. Whereas, if bikers are traveling to an arid region like Rajasthan, then storing cold water for the trip won’t be a hassle.


Carrying a UV sun block like 30 or 40 spf can benefit bikers and help them from getting any sun burns or unwanted tans.

Insect Repellent

There may be nights when travelers might have to camp out in the open sky. For times like these, it is important for them to carry insect repellent. A repellent can prove beneficial and turn the ugly nightmares with mosquitoes into pleasant ones.

Money Belt

A money belt can help you carry your cash, credit or debit cards, and identification documents in one place. Plus, you can reach them in an instant in times of emergency.

The above given list can help you to make your motorbike holidays in India more comfortable and easy to get along with. Plus, you will leave with positive memories and new ties for a lifetime if you follow these religiously. And, of course, our tour operating company will endeavor to help you further in making your desired tour comfortable.

Top 10 Motorcycle tours in India

India is a vast country & diverse in terms of geography, people, cuisine, living style, dress, monuments, heritage buildings, architecture & much more. Royal Bike Riders offers best motorcycle tours in India but if you talk about best motorcycle tours in India then we consider Himalaya most liked destination for Adventure on motorbike but this is not Himalaya only on our list. Rajasthan is also worth of visitng destination on motorcycles.DSC02123We use Legendary Royal Enfield 500 for all tours in India that is only available Indian bike for moto touring. Rajasthan is an incredible destination if you like monuments with stone & metal carvings. Rajasthan has many ancient monuments & 1000 years old temples that is very popular & worth seeing. most of our tours is 15 days but if you are looking for customized tours then don’t hesitate to write us & our expert travel advisor will guide you to make your dream motorcycle holidays memorable & more interesting. Contine reading