Learn Useful Information on Ladakh to Make Motorcycle Tours Simpler

Popularly known as “the Broken Moon”, Ladakh is a famous tourist spot and with time it is considered to be one of the most favorable spots for motorcycle tours in India. Ladakh is located nearby the world’s mightiest mountain ranges like the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram. Plus, it is also famous for its largest town Leh that attracts many tourists each year.

Planning a Ladakh motorcycle tour is a thrill for people. And, going on one can turn out to be one of the best experiences for bikers. This is one of the reasons why our tour operating company works so hard to design motorcycle trips for our bikers. We endeavor to enhance their biking experience through our packages.

With this aim in mind, we are offering useful information to our bikers on Ladakh that can help them prepare well for the trip.

Accustom Yourself

Ladakh, situated on high altitudes, is not any easy location for bikers to visit. It is necessary that they accustom themselves to its environment and altitude. In fact, we always recommend our bikers to choose this location if they do not have altitude sickness and are strong enough to ride through its steep and narrow passes.

Inner Line Permit

Being a frontier area, Ladakh has some locations that are not meant for tourist visits. But these restricted areas or so to say the new areas were open to the tourists with an inner line permit condition in 1994. For these areas, you will need identity card and passport as identity proof.

Climatic Conditions

Since, Ladakh is located at high altitudes bikers are bound to face climatic variations. But riders need to know before going for a Motorcycle Trip To Ladakh that summer season is short and last from June to August. It will be easier for people to travel to Ladakh at this time only as the temperature varies from 30 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius.

What to Pack?

There are chances for bikers to face chilly winds on scorching sunny days. This can confuse the bikers on what to pack for their biking trip to Ladakh. Woolens should be the priority of the bikers to pack. Plus, they should spare some space in the bag for snacks on the road and water bottles. To pack a pair of sunglasses and sun cream is mandatory too.

With this useful information, it will be easier for riders to prepare for their motorcycle tour to Ladakh easily. In fact, packing won’t seem a trouble for them. So, all you have to do is purchase a trip package from our tour operating company and the rest will be looked after by us.

How to Build Comfort Level on Motorbike Holidays in India?

Winters are almost over, and spring season has just kicked in. It is that time of the year where people finally put their planning abilities to good use and think of a location that they would likely visit during their summer vacations. If you’re one of them, then we highly recommend you to plan your motorbike trips in India with our tour operating company.

Not only do we help our riders plan their trips to various yet serene locations in India, but also assist them to learn ways in which their ride can become more comfortable. No matter what, the comfort level of our bikers will always come first. Keeping their comfort level in mind, below are some tips that we never fail to mention our bikers when they book a package with us.

Carry Your Medications

In case, you are allergic to some things or consume vitamin supplements on daily basis, then we highly recommend our bikers to carry them. They can be useful during the entire trip.


You can store both hot and cold liquid in a thermos easily. Therefore, if you plan to go on locations like the Himalayas, Ladakh, Spiti Valley or Manali for a motorbike trip, then it will be easy for bikers to carry warm liquids. Whereas, if bikers are traveling to an arid region like Rajasthan, then storing cold water for the trip won’t be a hassle.


Carrying a UV sun block like 30 or 40 spf can benefit bikers and help them from getting any sun burns or unwanted tans.

Insect Repellent

There may be nights when travelers might have to camp out in the open sky. For times like these, it is important for them to carry insect repellent. A repellent can prove beneficial and turn the ugly nightmares with mosquitoes into pleasant ones.

Money Belt

A money belt can help you carry your cash, credit or debit cards, and identification documents in one place. Plus, you can reach them in an instant in times of emergency.

The above given list can help you to make your motorbike holidays in India more comfortable and easy to get along with. Plus, you will leave with positive memories and new ties for a lifetime if you follow these religiously. And, of course, our tour operating company will endeavor to help you further in making your desired tour comfortable.

Things to Carry on Himalaya Motorcycle Tours

Just setting a date for motorcycle tour in India isn’t enough for adventurers. They need to be all packed and ready to go when the time arrives. Therefore, a lot of thought and attention should be paid to things that need to be added during packing your bags for an adventure trip.

Throwing in clothes and gear accessories isn’t enough. There are many things that still need to be packed in your luggage that you fail to consider necessary. Below are certain important things to carry list that can help you survive on Himalaya Motorcycle Tours.


You should never forget to carry your spare set of tools. These can help you in times of emergency. Carry an adjustable wrench, a screw driver, air pump, and other small yet easy to carry tools that can come in handy in times of emergency.


Never ever forget to pack your toiletries, especially if your tour package also includes camping under the stars for a night or so. You can’t go asking around your group members to offer you their toiletries every time either. But deodorant, comb, lotion for dry skin, and lip balm for dry lips are some things that no man would like to share.


You should know that carrying medications for different reasons can come in handy in times of dire need. Your fellow biker can need bandage or a pain relief tablet during the ride itself. Therefore, being equipped with meds is necessary.

Extra Bags

No matter what, always leave some space for Ziploc bags, or plastic shopping bags that can help you organize things, in case it’s a rainy day. They also help you separate your medications from other important things like shaving cream, tooth brush and paste, and others.

Rain Suit

Keep a rain suit in your bag in case it rains during your trip.

Besides, suggesting important things to be carried for the trip, our tour operating company also ensures that bikers receive adequate information on various other aspects of Himalaya and Ladakh motorcycle tour. Both the trips are adventure rides and require riders to be prepared both mentally and physically to ride on long journeys.

Experience Thrill during Adventure Motorbike Tours on Hilly Terrains of India


There are many bike riders who love to be on road for endless journeys to experience thrill and excitement. Some set on a course that helps them to seek true beauty of nature, while some like to embark on an expedition that helps them travel through roads that are known for their steep and narrow turns. But no matter what an adventure lover will never back out from such an opportunity that assists them to stay close to their passion.

Being a motorbike tour operator company, we normally suggest adventure seekers to opt for packages that offer them a chance to travel through some of the deadliest roads of India and that of world. These packages are mostly customized according to the needs of our bikers. Our packages are inclusive of places like Leh & Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and more.

We make sure that all adventure motorbike tours last for more than 10 days for all our bikers to explore their favorite destination without a hitch. During the tour, all bikers get to visit the main tourist attractions on their motorcycle. While the motorcycle tour is in full swing, we make sure that our travel guides travel with our bikers as well. This will help all our bikers to stay on route with ease.

In addition to this, we also make sure that only small groups get travel during our adventure tours in India. Not only does the strategy of taking up people in small groups assists our team members to offer their services with ease like mechanical or first aid facilities but also helps us to ensure that all of them are receiving our equal attention as well. This has helped us to maintain the quality standard amongst our bikers with ease.

Therefore, if you wish to go for an adventurous tour with your friends, then we will highly recommend you to opt for our tour operator company as your preferred option. We will make sure that not only is your safety taken into account by our professionals but so is your wish to be on the most memorable adventure tour of your life.


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Make Ladakh Motorcycle Tour Your Ultimate Motorcycling Adventure


When riders approach our motorcycle tour operator company, their first request to us is to suggest them about our most adventurous motorbike tour in India. In fact, with time we have registered a rise in adventure motorbike tours. Due to this reason, we mostly suggest our riders to opt for our Ladakh motorcycle tour that can surely help them experience the thrill and excitement which they look for in an adventurous motorcycle tour.

We believe that Ladakh is one place that can be defined as a land of extremes. This is mainly because it is situated amongst the Himalayan range and the Kunlun range. While travelling through this land, riders are sure to come across dry and deserted roads that travel through some of the exquisite lakes. Some roads are known to be quite steep and narrow. Even our experienced travel guides view the Ladakh motorbike trip as one of the ultimate challenges that any biker can come across.

Roads leading to Ladakh are situated at high altitudes because of which riders are bound to be subjected to harsh winter climate and rough terrains that make the trip even more challenging. What further enhances their challenge on these roads is how far the riders are from the civilization as it is sparsely populated. This is where we always recommend our riders that they should only opt for this motorcycle tour if they are equipped with strong determination and patience to travel through long stretches of narrow and steep roads.

Since, there are too many challenges that our riders might come across, therefore, we consider Ladakh Motorcycle tour as the mother of all adventurous motorbike tours in India. We make sure that our riders are equipped with a Royal Enfield that is tested by our mechanics before the ride begins. After all, a decent bike cannot offer them the same kind of support that a Royal Enfield can on a grueling tour such as this.

Therefore, if you plan to be on a Ladakh bike trip with your friends, then we can help you opt for one and that at competitive pricing. So, why wait? Opt for our tour packages today!

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Top 10 Motorcycle tours in India

India is a vast country & diverse in terms of geography, people, cuisine, living style, dress, monuments, heritage buildings, architecture & much more. Royal Bike Riders offers best motorcycle tours in India but if you talk about best motorcycle tours in India then we consider Himalaya most liked destination for Adventure on motorbike but this is not Himalaya only on our list. Rajasthan is also worth of visitng destination on motorcycles.DSC02123We use Legendary Royal Enfield 500 for all tours in India that is only available Indian bike for moto touring. Rajasthan is an incredible destination if you like monuments with stone & metal carvings. Rajasthan has many ancient monuments & 1000 years old temples that is very popular & worth seeing. most of our tours is 15 days but if you are looking for customized tours then don’t hesitate to write us & our expert travel advisor will guide you to make your dream motorcycle holidays memorable & more interesting. Contine reading

How to prepare your bike for a long ride

Moto touring is a great adventure & very popular among motorcycle riders but you have to prepare your motorbike properly for along ride specially for Indian road. India is a vast country & have different road condition according to tour place. you need to prepare your bike very carefully for Himalaya where road condition is very diverse & lot of km is off-road so your bike should be in very good condition.DSC02702we are giving some point to be considered while you are on Himalaya tour to ride world’s highest road in Ladakh. first you need to check air filter, engine oil level, spark plug, extra Tyre & tubes. You must carry air pump because Himalaya is a remote area where you can’t get shop for puncture or air pump. Because of off-road condition & unpaved road you must carry some indicators because they broke down on the unpaved road in the Ladakh. Contine reading

Royal Enfield Motorcycle Trip to Rajasthan

Rajasthan is an incredible destination for Motorcycle touring where years old heritage monuments still in very good condition. Rajasthan is located in Western India & geography is very diverse in Rajasthan from Green aravali to Thar Desert in West. Rajasthan is a very popular destination for every tourist. Royal Bike Riders takes riders to the most famous tourist destination as Mandawa, Bikaner, Gajner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bundi, Jaipur, Agra & in the last capital Delhi. Every place is unique in terms of monuments, geography & food. People are very friendly & warm welcoming. DSC03665This year we organized a Rajasthan Motorcycle tour for our Australian riders. We are total 8 person including team leader with 1 pillion. All the riders & pillion were from Australia. We welcomed them with garland at Delhi International airport & later took them to Hotel. Later in the afternoon we had gone for Delhi sightseeing & visited famous monuments like Qutab Minar, Himayun Tomb, India Gate, President House & Parliament. Enjoyed our Dinner in a famous restaurant near India Gate. Contine reading

Guided Motorbike tours in India

India is a very vast & diversify country in South Asia. India is very rich country in terms of Heritage, geography, weather, people, beaches, hill stations & much more. Royal  Bike Riders offers 6 Motorcycle tours in India & 3 tours in Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet. We are giving a brief introduction below for motorbike tours in India.

Motorcycle tour to Leh & Ladakh

First we are giving introduction about Motorcycle;le tour in the High Himalayas (Leh & Ladakh). Leh & Ladakh situated in the Northern India where riders ride Royal Enfield mostly 4000 mt. & above & ride to World’s highest road at 18380 feet. This region is full of adventure for moto adventure & riders enjoy riding through glacier water & water falls & cross many world’s highest passes on the way to Leh. High Himalayas offers many spectacular monasteries & high mountain peaks. Best time to visit this incredible destination is from mid June to mid September & every year lot of riders come to this region from around the world. Leh & Ladakh is considered as heaven for moto adventure. Royal Bike Riders provides best & professional services to the riders.Ladakh & LehMotorcycle tour to Spiti Valley

Motorcycle tour to Spiti valley is amazing, this is very remote area of North India surrounded by Himalayas. Spiti valley is also called as little Tibet because of same geography & people. Buddhism is the main religion of the people. Most of the people from Spiti valley belongs to Tibet & they were migrated from Tibet at the time of China-Tibet war. Spiti Valley is the home of many old monasteries. Best to visit Spiti valley on Motorbike is from Mid July to October after that road is closed duo to snow fall. We start our Spiti valley tour from Shimla & finish at Shimla & we also give toy train from Kalka to Shimla that come to World heritage site. This tour is for experienced riders who are not afraid to ride on world’s deadliest road.Ki GompaMotorcycle tour to Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a mountainous state in North India. This small hill state is very popular along tourists specially for summer destination. Places are fantastic & so beautiful that you will fall in love with this small mountain state. Shimla is the capital of the state & was also national capital in summer during the British empire. Lot of places discovered by British people during British empire. On our Motorcycle tour to Himachal Pradesh we take you Shimla, Chindi, Manali, Rohtang Pass, Palampur, Dharamsala, Dalhousie & Amritsar. Best time to visit Himachal Pradesh on Motorbike is from April to December but It is cold from October to December. Contine reading

Bike Ride from Manali to Leh

Motorcycle ride from Manali to Leh is full of adventure & fun. This is the best ride I like very much because of lot of things like picturesque, Monasteries, people, cuisine, water falls, water crossing, some of world’s highest passes & of course world’s highest road at Khardung la pass at 18380 feet. DSC02701I am writing & posting things goes on the way to Leh from Manali along with some exciting pictures taken from this scenic route. We start our riding from Manali, Manali is a tourist place in North India & very popular destination among Indian & foreign tourists. This is a summer destination as well as winter destination because of winter sports in the Manali. We were introduced to our Legendary Royal Enfield 500 in the hotel by Team Leader. All motorbikes were in fantastic condition. We are starting riding through green valley of Manali & after 50 km. we reached our first pass called Rohtang pass at 3900 mt. Rohtang is an amazing place with lot of Indian tourist. It was great change in mountains & vegetation after Rohtang pass. Around 3:00 PM we reached our hotel in Jispa, where we enjoyed evening party with drinks near River. It was great day & we are expecting more adventure on the way to Leh.DSC02225After breakfast we started our riding towards famous high altitude lake called Tso Lake that was around 200 Km from Jispa. we enjoyed our riding most today because we crossed 3 passes, many water streams, shepherds & few km off-road riding in the high Himalayas. Finally we reached our destination Tso Kar Lake. This is a very remote area surrounded by high mountain peaks with snow. We rode few km off- road to reach this lake. We very accommodated only available option comps near the lake. Happy to ride & we had great party with bonfire. Contine reading