Why Motorcycle Holidays in India?

Himalaya trip in India

Himalaya trip in India

India offers many motorcycle tours in different areas from Himalayas to Beaches in South India, great Thar Desert to hilly tea/coffee plantation in South. Every traveler who knows motorbikes surely want to have motorbike holidays so that he can make his dream come true by riding motorcycle overseas & explore best places on 2 wheels. India can be your favorite destination because India offers each & every attraction under one roof for motorbike adventure lover. Himalayas in North India, where you can ride to the highest motorable road in the world & you can explore other highest passes, high altitude soda lakes, best located & culturally rich Buddhist monasteries. South India is very famous for tea/coffee plantation, golden beaches & backwater where you experience totally different sites & different culture as well. Backwater offers panoramic view of the landscapes of the Kerala & houseboat offers exceptional experience of seeing people washing their cloths in the canal & much more. These canals are lifeline of the people in backwater area. West India gives you best view of the countryside & takes you back to the history by offering many UNISCO sites which is very important part of Indian history. On this tour, we mostly ride to the rural areas of Rajasthan state & visit some of the famous cities like Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bundi, Jaipur & in the last we visit Agra to see wonder of the world The Taj Mahal on motorbikes. India is a vast country where you can ride every year & you can explore different areas on legendary Royal Enfield motorcycle. Himalayas has been dream destination for every rider & surely you would like to ride to the highest road at 5600 M in Indian Himalayas. This is possible with us. We organize motorcycle tours to Himalayas & do everything for you. Receiving from airport to booking of hotels & camps, bikes, support vehicle & most important experienced team leader which takes care of you.

If you are planning for a motorbike holidays, India can be your destination & summer time in India is the best time to ride in Himalayas. June to September is the best time to ride in high Himalaya & to the highest road at 5600 M. if you are planning your dream motorcycle trip in India from October to March then Rajasthan & South India are the best destination options because Himalayan roads are closed due to snow & cold weather. You need basic instructions from your team leader for riding in India & our experienced team leader will tell you important tricks for riding in India with traffic in cities. Generally on first day we ride to the short distance so that you become more familiar with motorcycle & traffic on Indian roads. If you are riding a motorcycle in your own country & thinking adventure ride in other country surely we recommend India as a riding destination. You just need to choose experienced motorcycle touring company in India which can book everything for you & give you best experience on 2 wheels. Ride only Royal Enfield which is pride of India & people who will met you on the road surely will appreciate your bike & will love to have picture with you. Royal Enfield made for India roads including Himalayas. Motorcycle touring in India will definitely change your perception about India & surely you will like many things about this country & will come again for riding as India has lot to offer to the riders. Motorcycle tours also give memorable experience by sharing your travel story with other fellow riders & you also get amazing experience of travelling with strange riders from different country. We all the best for your next adventure on 2 wheels & keep riding free & live longer.

Motorcycle Adventure & Himalaya ride


Himalaya Ride

If you are planning for adventure on motorbike & you are thinking about Himalaya as a motorcycle tour destination then there are some points of consideration before going on Himalaya ride. First think you must consider as an experienced & legal motorcycle tour company & check their services from previous riders as only riders can tell you that your money or deposit is safe & you are making right choice for memorable motorbike adventure in Himalayas. Most of the companies have good website & it is difficult to make right choice on behalf of website & their social web pages so best thing is to talk to the previous rider ask about their experience with the company & how is things gone on the tour. If you have experienced company for your motorcycle adventure then they can guide you in a better way so that we enjoy your Himalaya ride. Lot of rider worried about altitude sickness & they decide not to go in Himalaya for motorcycle tour & cancel their trip only because of misconception of altitude sickness. Of course there is problem with high altitude but not for everyone only few riders get affected by high altitudes on Himalaya tour & most of rider get acclimatize slowly on motorbike & they ride very well even better & do successful riding in Himalayas. So please don’t cancel your motorcycle trip to Himalaya just because of high altitude. It is good fun of staying high & riding high in Himalaya & crew members give very good support & good counseling as well when you get sick in Himalaya. Generally we come to lower altitude after riding high altitude & you feel better & again ready to hit the road in the Himalayas.

Share you motorcycle experience- When you join a fixed departure then you have opportunity to share your motorbike tour story with other riders from different countries & you have unbelievable experiences of joining a fixed departure for Himalaya ride with us. Everyday feels as new day for every rider as riders make feel comfortable to everyone on the group even crew members & we always have fun time with lifetime adventure. We visit incredible places in Ladakh region of India where you cross highest motorable road & ride over some og the highest passes. It is incredible experience of staying on high altitude soda lakes of Pangong & Tso Morir Lakes you feel lost in the Himalaya. We also visit best located monasteries on the tour so that we can combine adventure with culture as well & you get change to chat with little monks in the monasteries where they practice of Buddhist religion & get ready to serve the society. Our Legendary Royal Enfield takes you where you want to go doesn’t matter highest road or high altitude but Royal Enfield surprise you every time as works very well on high altitude conditions & our mechanic always ready to maintain motorbike in best condition for you. We strongly recommend taking motorcycle adventure in Indian Himalaya & we promise you will fall in love with India & motorbike adventure forever.