Things to Carry on Himalaya Motorcycle Tours

Just setting a date for motorcycle tour in India isn’t enough for adventurers. They need to be all packed and ready to go when the time arrives. Therefore, a lot of thought and attention should be paid to things that need to be added during packing your bags for an adventure trip.

Throwing in clothes and gear accessories isn’t enough. There are many things that still need to be packed in your luggage that you fail to consider necessary. Below are certain important things to carry list that can help you survive on Himalaya Motorcycle Tours.


You should never forget to carry your spare set of tools. These can help you in times of emergency. Carry an adjustable wrench, a screw driver, air pump, and other small yet easy to carry tools that can come in handy in times of emergency.


Never ever forget to pack your toiletries, especially if your tour package also includes camping under the stars for a night or so. You can’t go asking around your group members to offer you their toiletries every time either. But deodorant, comb, lotion for dry skin, and lip balm for dry lips are some things that no man would like to share.


You should know that carrying medications for different reasons can come in handy in times of dire need. Your fellow biker can need bandage or a pain relief tablet during the ride itself. Therefore, being equipped with meds is necessary.

Extra Bags

No matter what, always leave some space for Ziploc bags, or plastic shopping bags that can help you organize things, in case it’s a rainy day. They also help you separate your medications from other important things like shaving cream, tooth brush and paste, and others.

Rain Suit

Keep a rain suit in your bag in case it rains during your trip.

Besides, suggesting important things to be carried for the trip, our tour operating company also ensures that bikers receive adequate information on various other aspects of Himalaya and Ladakh motorcycle tour. Both the trips are adventure rides and require riders to be prepared both mentally and physically to ride on long journeys.

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